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When I first started my business just over twelve months ago, I made a conscious effort to help others; to give back and make a difference. As a small business owner, I don’t have the resources ($$) large organisations do, so instead of giving money, I often give my time, which leads to donations anyway. The fundraising I participate in has actually generated a lot of flow on custom and support.  My small company has developed a reputation as being positive and generous, and I am now asked quite regularly to donate my time.  So,… Read Article →

Lorenz / Valvo ECC83/12AX7, Germany made, two Quartet $58.00 2 x 12J5GT (RCA & Ken-Rad) 12V version 6J5 Tube for amp $4.80 3 NOS NIB RCA 5814A (12AU7) Tubes Tested Excellent $24.99 A LOT OF 5 RCA 0A2 VACUUM TUBES NOS/NIB 9.99 1x Raytheon 12SN7GT NOS + 1x RCA Good Used Tube for amp $4.80 5 NOS GE 6GU7 (USA) Vacuum Tubes NIB 8.00 PAIR MATCHED NOS RFT HIGH QUALITY TUBES ECC83/12AX7 $3.26 Mullard BVA UK ECC83 12AX7 Square Getter long plate pr 41.50 4 NOS RCA 6SK7GT Vacuum Tubes NOS 5.00 12AX7 / ECC83… Read Article →

10 F-11 Connectors w/attached 1/2in ring RG-11 COAX $5.95 SANUS EFAV/II A/V Audio & Video Stand 2 Shelf Black NEW 05.94 Skywalker 4-way Cable Multi Switch DirecTV DBS RG6 HDTV $0.99 HQ Series 12ft Gold Component Video Cable HDTV DVD $7.25 RCA VH915 VIDEO SOURCE SELECTOR NEW 8.94 NEW UNIVERSAL PLASMA LCD TV FLAT WALL MOUNT BRACKET fm $0.01 6ft HDTV Component Video –Best Cable on Market!! $0.99 10 F Female to RCA Female Adapters COAX Audio Video $5.95 OMNIMOUNT U3TP UNIVERSAL TV FLAT PANEL PLASMA MOUNT NEW 39.94 10 Keystone F-81 3.0GHz Cable Connector… Read Article →

Siriusone satalite radio new NO ANTENNA 1.39 SIRIUS ORBITER SATELLITE RADIO SR4000 with REMOTE $9.99 Pioneer INNO – XM2GO Reciever with MP3 + $50 Rebate 02.50 SIRIUS STARMATE SATELLITE RADIO ST1 RECEIVER LOT OF TWO $0.01 Sirius Radio S50 Protective Skin by Speck Clear NEW 4.95 sirius satellite radio car receiver w/ remote $0.01 Truck RV Satellite Radio Antenna 4 XM 10″ or 30″ $44.95 Sirius Car Antenna Sportster XACT Starmate Streamer NEW 5.99 NEW SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO TUNER + COMPLETE CAR KIT! xm 4.87 SIRIUS ANTENNA FOR HOME DOCK OR BOOM BOX $9.99 NEW… Read Article →

PAIR OF C-D TUBE AMP OIL CAPACITORS 10uf @ 236vac $9.99 Vintage Cornell Dubilier Capacitors .10 MFD 400 WVDC $3.99 6 VINTAGE LOT (NOS) MALLORY ARCOLYTIC CORNELL-DUBILIER $9.99 2 NOS VINTAGE TUBE AMP OIL CAPACITOS 4.0uf @ 600v $9.99 PAIR VINTAGE SPRAGUE BUMBLEBEE CAPACITORS .047uF 400V $9.99 2 VINTAGE SPRAGUE BLACK BEAUTY CAPACITORS .01uF 600V $9.99 PAIR VINTAGE SPRAGUE BUMBLEBEE CAPACITORS .0047uF 400V $9.99 4 141 QE 1.02 – 1.08 mf Western Electric Capacitors ! @ $9.99 Lot Sprague Mica & Ceramic Variable Hi-Volt Capacitors $9.99 Jensen Copper Foil PIO capacitors [email protected] 7.50 2 SPRAGUE… Read Article →

Description: This map generator is an application I created to learn a basic technique of procedural generation. This first version currently only supports two different tiles- land and water. The application consists of a WinForm with an XNA control object so that I can easily display my results on the form. Once you create the map you can then save the map as a 2D array saved in a text file, which could be loaded into a tile based game. The Vision: I originally wanted to create a cave generator so that I could attempt… Read Article →

Internet Marketing Online University To Survive in Today’s Economy a Business Must UtilizeEverything Available Including the Internet to Achieve Success Internet Marketing University Online for Success Hi Sherrie I wanted to again thank you for the informative session that you ran today at the Chamber of the Palm Beaches. I learned a great deal and definitely want to take the follow up courses with you. Please enroll me. I will continue to have people register for this exciting workshop. Shawn P. Means, CFB Certified Franchise Broker Franchising Connections, LLC “Connecting People To The Franchise Of… Read Article →

[Anuncio ]Vendo/permuto x 1o2casitas en Boyeros y vuelto Autor : Esperanza/Nicolas 0 39 6 months ago Por : Esperanza/Nicolas [Anuncio ]Apto de 3/4 zona ayestaran Cerro.Me reduzco en los sgtes municipios,Plaza,Cerro, Autor : yanelsy 0 29 6 months ago Por : yanelsy [Anuncio ]COMPRO APARTAMENTICO EN LA HABANA Autor : ivan 0 36 6 months ago Por : ivan [Anuncio ]COMPRO UN APARTAMENTICO EN SANTA-CLARA Autor : ivan 0 35 6 months ago Por : ivan [Anuncio ]vendo tenis acis nuevo de paquete todos los numeros llamar 2606264 y diferentes Autor : yanet 0 30… Read Article →

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Guide to buying, selling and letting This page provides an overview for property owners and those looking for a property of what is typically involved in buying, selling, renting and letting a property in London. Please note that the specifics of individual transactions vary considerably. We draw your attention to the important notice at the foot of this page. To view our guide to buying a property click here To view our guide to selling your property click here To view our guide to finding a rental property click here To view our guide to… Read Article →