How much does dental care cost your business?

Dental care may be one of the most overlooked areas of employee healthcare, and should be included as part of any health insurance package you offer your workers. With oral health experts recommending that everyone visits the dentist at least twice a year – to ensure their teeth and mouths are in healthy condition and deal with potential problems before they pose a real risk – effective dental insurance can be an excellent recruitment tool for businesses, as well as an effective retention tool for holding onto satisfied employees.

With a recent study revealing that 83 per cent of small businesses which offer health insurance packages to their employees also offer dental insurance, it’s clear that your company can’t afford not to add value in this way, and risk losing potential workers in favour of an employer that offers more comprehensive medical cover. When you consider the relatively low cost of dental insurance, compared to other types of health insurance, the benefits of dental care for businesses are clear.

Unlike other types of health insurance, however, dental insurance is likely to be used by the majority of your employees at some time, rather than simply being a failsafe. This means that choosing a reliable and reputable provider can be even more imperative – otherwise you risk letting down each employee in turn who faces problems making claims for dental work. This is one reason why many businesses are now abandoning the notion of managing dental insurance in-house, and turning to established insurers to benefit from more cost-effective plans.

Business dental insurance covers numerous aspects of dental care and treatment, from routine examinations and scale and polish to fillings, removals and other procedures. If you claim your dental work on the NHS, your insurer could ensure that costs are paid in full, but depending on your dental plan you could also benefit from the reduced waiting times of private dentists.

The flexibility of dental insurance plans available means each business can find an ideal plan to suit its needs, however many employees may be making use of the benefits. These advanced benefits include the option for worldwide dental treatment, covering work carried out in other countries, and innovative treatments aimed at combating conditions such as oral cancer. As well as providing expert treatment, dental insurance can also offer employees access to advice on all aspects of dental hygiene, from teeth brushing and flossing tips to local insights into dentists in your area.

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