An Informative Article Discussing Skin Cancer

You are in the shower, trying to hurry to be ready for work on time. You are just getting ready to hop out of the shower when you see it. That mole on your leg has gotten a lot bigger and looks kind of bloody. What’s up with that? Then the thought strikes you. Skin cancer. Two little words, yet life changing words. You rush to your doctor the next day, and he confirms that is cancer. He says that he is glad you didn’t wait and made an appointment immediately.

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on any type of odd markings on your skin and get quick treatment if you notice any change.

Skin cancer is one of the most widely treated cancers in America. There are two categories of skin cancer. The first is melanoma and the second is non-melanoma. While both are definitely scary to have they are both treatable.

Melanoma is a very hard form of cancer to cure because it spreads through the body like wild fire. Just in recent times, successful treatments have been found, but they must be administered early. Fortunately though, melanoma is a very rare form of cancer.

There are many different signs of skin cancer. Changes in the skin can occur rapidly. Sores that don’t heal in a timely manner are a very serious indication that something could be wrong.

Other signs may include but are not limited to, lumps that seem to be shiny, red, or smooth. Or they could be rough and scaly patches of skin. Just because there is a change in your skin doesn’t necessarily mean that you have skin cancer, but you need to stay on the safe side and have it checked out.

Take heart! There are cures for both types of cancers, but you MUST see a doctor as soon as you suspect any problem. If you wish to avoid this problem altogether, limit your unprotected exposure to the sun. Make sure you wear adequate clothing and use sunscreen.

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