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Cancer has continued to be a very serious medical condition, claiming thousands of life across the entire globe including the United Kingdom. In the recent past, a good number of treatment procedures for cancer have been introduced. But, this has done very little to prevent the soaring of cancer related deaths. Despite the deadly nature of cancer, there are still many cases of cancer misdiagnosis. Obviously, no human being can be smiling after learning that one has been a victim of cancer misdiagnosis. Cancer misdiagnosis negligence can take two forms. It can take the positive… Read Article →

Hydroquinone is a type of phenol and it is an aromatic compound. It is a popular ingredient used for skin bleaching purposes. It is used to resolve problems of hyper pigmentation on the body. People who are using products having this active component suffered some of its side effects. Shown below are some of the possible effects of Hydroquinone: 1. Increase of the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. This is the common result of using creams with hydroquinone. Therefore, people ” totally exposed ” to this agent are advised to limit their activities under the… Read Article →

Female hygiene is a concern that usually baffles ladies. It is because there have been a lot of misconceptions surrounding the matter. Women of all ages are usually told time and again that there’s a certain procedure to wash as well as preserve hygiene within the inner areas of the bodies. Television, magazines, along with individual care product companies tell females on a regular basis that they need to have sprays, pads, vaginal mints, soaps and so forth. All this is actually a lie! The only real truth that should prevail would be the fact… Read Article →

Used for centuries by the Chinese in medicines and as remedies for ailments like headaches or indigestion, green tea extract has become extremely popular because of its known therapeutic values for the body and for the skin. It is also used extensively today in skin care products due to its potent antioxidants that are powerful in combating free radicals that cause so much damage to the skin and are considered a primary cause of aging in the skin. Whether you drink green tea or get it because it is contained in products that you use,… Read Article →

I need to quit smoking Before it\’s too late. Three leading causes of smoking attributable deaths were from: #1 lung cancer #2 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease #3 heart disease Even if you don\’t smoke cigarettes are harmful to people who inhale secondhand smoke. Children who grow up in a house with smokers statistically are twice as likely to pick up the habit when they grow up. cigarette smoke also contains about 4000 chemicals about 40 of them have been linked to cancer. cigarette smoke also contains about 4000 chemicals about 40 of them have been… Read Article →

When the rectal and anal veins become inflamed and swollen, hemorrhoids occur. They can cause much pain and itch and general discomfort. Seventy five percent of Americans have suffered from hemorrhoids. While painful, they can often be treated before they become worse. However, occasionally the hemorrhoids will get worse and begin to bleed. After a BM is when this usually occurs. Hemorrhoids can form on the outside of the anus and then can bleed. Hemorrhoids can also occur inside the rectum, and though usually you don’t feel pain from them, they still bleed. Methods do… Read Article →

A new study finds that a group of little-explored cells in the tumor microenvironment likely serves as an important gatekeeper against cancer progression and metastasis. Published in the Jan. 17 issue of Cancer Cell, the study’s findings suggest that antiangiogenic therapies — which shrink cancer by cutting off tumors’ blood supply — may be inadvertently making tumors more aggressive and likely to spread. One approach to treating cancer targets angiogenesis, or blood vessel growth. In this new investigation, senior author Raghu Kalluri, chief of the Division of Matrix Biology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center… Read Article →

Q-What is cancer? Ans-Cancer is an abnormal growth of a body cell or group of cells. If it is not destroyed or removed, cancer can spread very rapidly, and eventually lead to death. Q-What is the difference between normal and cancerous growth? Ans- There are billions of cells in the human body. Normally, they grow in a well-regulated pattern. When cancer sets in, a group of cells suddenly start multiplying haphazardly and form a lump or “tumour”. Q-How many kinds of tumours are there? Ans- There are two kinds of tumour – Malignant & Benign…. Read Article →