Using Holistic Cancer Treatments

Cancer is a serious disease in which growths of cells,also called cancers, form in the body and kill normal body cells. This disease often causes death .Examples are lung/breast cancer, cancer of the bowel/stomach,skin cancers ,brain tumor, etc.

The treatments of cancer can be classified into two broad groups- the mainstream approach and the holistic approach.

The mainstream approach uses drugs or chemical agents, radiation and surgery in the treatment of cancer.Though this mode of treatments can be found in most standard cancer treatment centers yet they are bedeviled by a lot of hazards on the part of patients.Drugs use for the treatment of cancer can affect tissues and organs in the body that have no bearing with the disease.In the cause of surgery for cancer, some healthy tissues are lost. Also,during radiation for cancer, some healthy tissues are lost or injured. All these have adverse effect on the entire body system.

Holistic cancer treatment means treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms of the disease. It favors the natural and non-invasive mode of treatments. Examples of these mode of treatments are psychotherapy,eating some particular food items while abstaining from others, use of herbs, religious rituals like praying, emotional control,show of love by people to patients, etc. Since they are holistic in nature, some mainstream approach are allowed though in combination with the above examples of natural treatments which help to lessen the hazardous effects of the former.

There is a surging acceptance of holistic cancer treatments by both medical practitioners and people suffering from the disease. The reasons for this development perhaps have something to do with the advantages these treatments have over the mainstream approach.Some of which are:
1. They are comprehensive, in the sense that, they address a whole-lot of health issues that make people suffer from cancer.
2. They prevent or reduce the poisonous tendency that comes with drug treatment of cancer.
3. By not relying on a single treatment, the chances that the disease will be addressed is increased.

Despite the above advantages of holistic cancer treatments, they are not without some disadvantages.Firstly, the patient will have to commit a significant amount of time, energy and perhaps resources in the cause of his or her treatment. Secondly,the physician will have to take some of his or her precious time to study and understand the nature of each patient’s case in order to be able to prescribe the right medication.

The disadvantages notwithstanding, several holistic cancer treatments have been proven to be more effective than the strict adherence to chemotherapy , radiation and surgery(the mainstream approach) for the treatment of cancer.

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