Treating Colon And Breast Cancers With Xeloda

Xeloda is a medicine used in treating breast and colon cancers, and also in colorectal cancers which have spread to the other parts of the body. Patients with kidney problems and with DPD cannot take the drug. Also patients on blood thinning medications like Warfarin cannot take the medicine. The xeloda generic is actually the generic form of capecitabine. The medicine can be taken while the patient is receiving other forms of cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiations.
Precautions to be taken
Patients who have allergies to capecitabine and fluorouracil cannot take this medicine. Besides, with a history of kidney diseases, hemophilia or blood clotting problems, coronary artery and liver problems, patients cannot take this medicine. Besides, pregnant women also cannot take this medicine for its harmful effect on the fetus. If a woman of child bearing age and sexually active is taking the medicine, then she must use birth control. Also women on this medication should not breastfeed as this drug may pass on to the milk.
The dosage
The tablets are taken twice a day in general. Normally the full course of the medicine is a 3 weeks medication. However, sometimes the doctor may treat you with just 2 weeks of xeloda dosing. Since the medicine is used often in combination with other medicines or treatment methods, hence this dosing is often decided by the doctors and altered. The medicine is taken with food, or within 30 mins of taking food with a full glass of water.
The popularly available forms of the medicine are xeloda 500 mg tablet.
Side effects of the medicine
The xeloda 500mg side effects which may be observed in mild to moderate stages are as follows:
* High fever or sore throat
* Nausea and vomiting, eating too little or lack of appetite
* Serious diarrhea
* Difficulty swallowing, blisters in mouth, gums swollen
* Peeling of skin, rashes, pain and swelling, blisters etc in limbs
* Symptoms of dehydration like excessive thirst, dryness of skin, less urination, heavy sweating
* Heart problems and palpitations
* Kidney problems or associated conditions like difficulty urinating, swelling of limbs, difficulty breathing
* Liver problems including clay color stool, skin rashes, spots on skin, rashes and itches, tiredness, nausea, jaundice, no appetite etc
* Fall in the count of blood cells
* Very serious kin reactions like rashes, peeling, irritation, redness, bumps and blisters etc
Besides, the common side effects are tiredness, mild skin problems, tingling or numbness in limbs, constipation and abdominal pain.
Where to get the drug
You can buy generic form of the medicine without a prescription from any online drug store. As buying online helps avoid area specific restrictions, and you may avail your stocks from any part of the world, hence it’s an easy option for all. You may also upload your prescription to the online pharmacy to get your prescription medicine. The cost of the drug is comparatively lesser when you buy online at great discounts, and you can compare the prices before buying.
Summary: This medicine can prove to be wonder if anyone is suffering from colon or breast cancer. As we all know cancer can spread quick and life threatening, but, with this medicine you can get good results.

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