What you ought to know about stretching exercises

Just have a look on the animals; stretching is very common in animal kingdom, especially when we watch mammals. Unfortunately when we go for workout regimen, we often neglect this simple fact that stretching is very important to be included.

It is the simplest exercise which makes the body ready for the maximal performance. We almost have forgotten that we too are mammals and stretching is equally important as it is for animals.

Stretching is a natural phenomenon and it makes the body stronger. It is a common sight to see cat or dog sleeping, the first thing these animals do is that they stretch their body immediately after they get up. This is equally important for human too.

Stretching not only increases the performance but also carries oxygen to all parts of the body. The muscles are like rubber bands, the muscles are very flexible and stretchable like rubber bands, and some are more than the others. You can stretch a rubber band to its maximum length and ability.

If you slowly stretch a rubber band you can increase its range, same is true for the muscles also, before doing any extreme workout stretching is very important, this increases the range of motion and the pull ability of the muscles.

For sports persons, like football, basketball or tennis, stretching becomes even more important. Stretching also gives you enough warm up, before you start any major exercise, this ensures your maximal performance which is similar to rubber band.

Stretching not only improves your performance but also protects you from any potential injury. Closely watch cats and dogs waking up and stretching their body every time. This is a normal and natural routine in such animals; you must also stretch your body every time when you get up or simply after completing any job which requires sitting in the office or in front of a computer.

You must have noticed that people normally do not sleep soundly or squarely on their backs for entire night, some people toss up and turn many times during their sleep. Some people keep on changing their position throughout the night during their sleep.

This is because the body is off the balance and such action help in maintaining the body balance. In addition to this all body parts are not same, some of the body parts a have tendency to tense up more as compared to others.

Changing positions also helps in circulation of the blood which might have restricted supply during the sleep. Our muscles get toned up and the tension and tightness is relieved with regular stretching of the body. This helps the flow of blood to all the parts of body which in turn helps in proper oxygen supply.

Whenever you go for workouts, always ensure to include stretching exercise, if you do not have any idea, how to do it, you can take assistance from a trainer, who will guide you through these exercises. Once you have started doing it, believe me you will enjoy and it will be a fun for you. You will feel the difference yourself as your performance will be at its best.

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