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GastroMighty-Usability Evaluation

My team and I worked with to carry out a comprehensive usability evaluation of the system that is in iteration process due to  incorporation of our recommendations. I worked as the client liaison  and author/editor.

Keywords: Usability research, user interviews, stakeholder interviews, contextual inquiry, survey design, interaction map, card sorting, report writing, heuristic evaluation, personas and scenarios, comparative analysis, usability testing, client presentation

Our deliverable milestones comprised of different research methods a gist of which is as follows:

Interaction Map: We worked on an interaction map that serves as a physical representation of not only the site’s information architecture but also predictive interaction flows that results from a user’s logical navigation.

Download Interaction Map

User interviews, personas, and scenarios: My team interviewed some potential users that fit the target population of GastroMighty. From these interview notes my team and I created personas and scenarios that ranged from the niche target representation to somewhat of an outlier that could potentially be convinced to become a future user. We used this data for our future analyses.

Download Interviews, Personas, and Scenarios Report

Competitive Analysis: For the competitive analysis method, my team and I researched and defined 7 competitors ranging from direct competitors to analogous (for best practices inspiration) competitors. I defined findings and recommendations based on our comparison matrix and I created a SWOT analysis to represent the competitive research data.

Download Comparative Analysis Report

Heuristic Evaluation: Our next research method was to conduct a heuristic evaluation. I conducted a comprehensive site evaluation based on Jacob Neilsen’s 10 heuristics and then conducted a team evaluation to corroborate and narrow down to a key set of findings that will most affect our client.

Download Heuristic Evaluation Report

User Survey: My team and I then researched and defined a convenience and purposive sample size of survey participants, designed a survey instrument that looked to answer new hypotheses and/or support our previous findings, and analyze the survey results to devise an iterative set of findings and recommendations.

Download User Survey Report

Usability Testing: My team conducted user testing by involving 5 participants who fit GastroMighty’s target audience description. I used my previous work experience to research and finalize user data logging tools and image and screen capturing tools that best optimized user testing work process.  I facilitated participant interaction by conducting the tasks and pre and post interview sessions. I also logged data during some of the participant interactions. My team’s usability testing deliverable lent itself to some key findings and recommendations from a user interaction point of view.

Download Usability Testing Report

Outcome: Our client was very appreciative of my team’s work and deliverable. They found almost all our findings and recommendations very useful. Infact they worked with us to incorporate some of our recommendations into the website during the project. For most other iterations they plan to do it after our project cycle came to a conclusion. Some comparisons are highlighted below:

Figure: New recipes addition- before and after

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