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[Appearance & Gallery Update] 18th Anual MTV Awards Well I think that I’ve really outdone myself by uploading over 100+ images to the gallery. This includes backstage, press room, arrivals and even screen captures (thanks to Naomi). Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have yet again blown the false rumors as the two were comfortably cuddles up together during the whole show. Glad to see them together after a long time. Gallery Link Home > Appearances > 2009 > [29] 18th Anual MTV Awards Arrival (May 31) HQ Home > Appearances > 2009 > [03] 18th… Read Article →

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AMN Schools- Revolutionizing Education AMN Schools is a project of Ali Moeen Nawazish which will help bring tangible change to the country through education and developing leaders.  AMN takes a modern and creative approach towards learning. In addition to highest quality academic coaching for both boys and girls, we offer unique personal development opportunities and the best learning environment with traditions that ensure the application of the most practical technological advancements that make learning a much more productive experience than it currently is anywhere else in Pakistan. The first AMN school i.e. our O and… Read Article →

      Valid for more than 30 Guests In Switzerland, we can arrange for three types of weddings for you and your wedding day. Please find the sample packages for each below, which include the appropriate type of ceremony, plus the average cost of a wedding reception for 30/50/100 guests, with some additional services such as menu/drinks, DJ, wedding cake, photography package and our coordination.           BLESSING CEREMONY WITH RECEPTION PACKAGE Includes: Ceremony Blessing at a Church, Hotel, Terrace, Outdoors (some upgrade fees may apply) Rental of Ceremony Venue Ceremony… Read Article →

There are some years when holding your child’s birthday party at home isn’t practical or even desirable – a dozen eight-year old boys generally need more space than the average backyard will allow to enable them to burn off all their birthday party excitement! But not being able to have a whole birthday party extravaganza at home doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate your child’s birthday with friends and family. In fact, there are many different ways you can throw a birthday party away from home. Hiring space If you can’t hold a birthday party… Read Article →

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School Listings – Nursery and Primary Schools Default Default Highest Rating Most Ratings Alphabetical Newest Recently Reviewed Random Add your review, 0 reviews Filbert Bayi Schools Listed in Nursery and Primary Schools, Secondary Schools Add to Favorites +255 741 294 580 / +255 744 613 653 Kibaha Description: The founder and the proprietor (Mr. Filbert Bayi) came up with an idea of establishing… Read more… Add your review, 0 reviews Kwanza International School Listed in Nursery and Primary Schools, Secondary Schools Add to Favorites +255 22 2771961 Mikocheni Description: Kwanza International School is an interrelated… Read Article →

GastroMighty-Usability Evaluation My team and I worked with to carry out a comprehensive usability evaluation of the system that is in iteration process due to  incorporation of our recommendations. I worked as the client liaison  and author/editor. Keywords: Usability research, user interviews, stakeholder interviews, contextual inquiry, survey design, interaction map, card sorting, report writing, heuristic evaluation, personas and scenarios, comparative analysis, usability testing, client presentation Our deliverable milestones comprised of different research methods a gist of which is as follows: Interaction Map: We worked on an interaction map that serves as a physical representation… Read Article →