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Ocean Aire.. just what you’re looking for!


Some of the best fishing on Hatteras is the Cabana Beach!  It is known for its offshore sandbars, eddys, and sloughs… another words — where the fish love to hang out!  The Cabana balcony also has two surf-fishing rod holders on both side rails for safe keeping of your surf-fishing gear.


The Fishing

Surf-Fishin’ the Cabana Beach

Fishin’ the Sound

Fishin’ the Beaches South of the Cabana

Off-Road Vehicle Access is one of the most unique pieces of Island History.  The original off-road vehicle was the Model T Ford (it got stuck in the sand a lot– but it worked).  Today, only drive on the beach, or any sand, if you have 4 wheel drive.  All-Wheel-Drive vehicles will not make it through deep sand, only 4 x 4’s, most all beaches here are deep sand.  If you do have a 4 x 4 then loading up the family and the fishin’ gear is a great way to see all of the different beaches Hatteras Island has to offer.   Keep your vacation HAPPY! Obey all of the beach laws, regulations, signs, and use common sense…. failure to do so will result in a ton of unhappiness.


Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Beach Access

Fishin’ Ramp 55

Fishin’ False Point


Fishin’ The Inlet

Fishin’ The Beaches North of the Cabana


Frisco Rod & Gun is the perfect tackle shop when you are fishing the Airport Beach and the POINT.  They have the lastest fishing reports (most accurate too) and they have all the variety of bait you will need for a good day of fishing at these locations.  These guys are friendly and professional.. they also have a Market where you can get snacks and drinks and something to grill.


When going over beach access ramps watch out for other 4 x 4’s popping over the ramps.. be prepared to pull off to the side to let someone coming off the beach to pass. 

When driving on an inner dune road follow the tracks that were already laid and keep to the right.. but watch out for ditches.

For fishing beaches south or soundside just north of the Cabana, The Roost is a great tackle shop to get fresh bait, restock lures and gulp bait, respool line, fix rods, get new reels, and get a blow-by-blow fishing report.  Steve & Dave are the brothers that own the place and Jam is a local fisherman that helps out.  They also have a boat launch and boat gear.  All three of them are die-hard surf-fishermen that enjoy sharing their passion.


Ramp 55 also has a day use area at the beginning of the sand road so if you do not have a 4 x 4 you can park and walk over the dunes boardwalk to the beach to fish the Ramp 55 beach.. sometimes it makes all the difference.  Ramp 55 is also the way to the False Point and to the Inlet Beach.

Fishin’ The Airport Beach


Fishin’ Northside of The Point

Fishin’ The Point

Fishin’ Southside of The Point

Charter Boat Fishing 

  • Offshore Charters
  • In-Shore Charters
  • Full-Day Chaters
  • Half-Day Charters
  • Make-Up Charters
  • Scalloping the Sandbars
  • Clamming the Shallows

… Boat Launch Ramp


The In-Shore Charter Fleet of Teach’s Lair:


    + Elizabeth Grace                                           + Got Em                                                  + Hallelujah       

    + Hatterascal                                                  + Speck-Tackler


Off-Shore Fishin’


The Offshore Charter Fleet of Teach’s Lair:


     + Marlin Mania                                             + Hattitude                                             + Three Sisters

     + Big Tahuna                                               + Harper’s Folly                                       +  Sea Bear

     + Big Easy                                                    + Carolina Girl

Teach’s Lair Marina is the closest Full Service Marina to the Hatteras Inlet… gateway to the Gulf Stream and Pamlico Sound hot spots!


In-Shore Fishin’


Fishing Opportunities Abound! Within easy walking, biking, and driving distance.

  • Surf-Fishing the Cabana Beach
  • Surf-Fishing Ramp 55 Day Use Area
  • Surf-Fishing the Old Lighthouse
  • Sound-Fishing Isabell Inlet Pull-Off
  • Saltwater Fly-Fishing the Sound
  • Scalloping the Sandbars
  • Clamming the Shallows
  • Crabbing the Canals
  • From Your Own Boat


Fishing the Albatross Fleet

Surf-Fishin’ the Old Lighthouse Beach

Fishing within Reach

An Islander by the name of Ernal Foster is the Founder of the Charter Boat Business on Hatteras Island and the Inventor of the distinct Hatteras Charter Boat Design.   In 1933 Ernal, at the age of 19 years, took his life savings of $800.00 to build the boat he’d been building in his head for a few years, for a business he had an idea about for just as many years.  As a result of that, the modern day outriggers and fighting chairs were also born.  Ernal named his boat The Albatross.


The original Albatross is still taking out Charters and has two sister boats, The Albatross II and III.  Ernal’s grandson, like his Father, is still in the family business of building boats with that uniquely ‘The Foster’s of Hatteras’ design.  If you are an avid Charter Boat Fisherman, a purveyor of maritime history, then take this opportunity while here in Hatteras Village to go on Charter with The Albatross Fleet.


I Love The Smell of Diesel in The Morning and Fish in The Afternoon

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