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Anaphylaxis is a medical allergic condition that requires you to seek immediate emergency care in order to allay life-threatening symptoms. Some people have allergies that cause them to severely react if they eat certain foods like peanuts or if they are stung by a bee. The first time you develop hives, a swollen tongue or lips, and wheezing after eating peanuts or any other food item, it is a good idea to see your primary-care physician and obtain a referral to an allergist. While your symptoms the first time may not have caused you to… Read Article →

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Janus was founded in 2004 by “, a clinical development services company in the United States and aRigen, Inc., a private equity backed bio-medical venture company in Japan. aRigen and CPG identified the value in creating topical formulations of novel anti-infective products discovered in Japan and developing and commercializing these products in the United States. Janus has assembled an experienced management team and board of directors in the US and Japan with an impressive track-record and network of contacts on both sides of the Pacific. Janus is actively seeking to acquire promising products and compounds… Read Article →

Oxford shoes have been around for years. They have a closed leather upper and front-lace up system. The more classic style of women’s Oxford shoes have a smooth as well as sleek toe design, however they can be adorned for a more classy look as well. These shoes made their first appearance in Ireland as well as Scotland and are sometimes referred to as balmorals. However, in the UK it is the seamless Oxford shoes that are known as balmorals. A great features of these is that plain-toed Oxfords have lace flaps are sewn together…. Read Article →, “, “,, “, “,,, “, “, “, “, “, “,, “,, “, “,, “, “, “, “, “,, “,, “, “, “, “, “, “, “, “, “, “, “,, “, “, “, “, “,, “, “, “, “, “

Almost every business on the planet sets out with the main objective of making money. This is generally done by producing some form of product, or offering a service, and then charging customers money for it. This fundamental principle is fairly straight-forward, although it contains many specific details. Firstly, it is a very rare case that a company can offer a product or service that is genuinely unique and cannot be supplied by anybody else. This means that your business will be competing with other businesses that sell a similar product and you will both… Read Article →

Effect of bipolar depression or bipolar disorder, people are actually considered as one of the worst type of depression that suffer most.Below, / p of> the sudden feeling of that time, the changes are characterized by extreme manic depression is such a manic = mania, depression is ‘down’ with reference to the ‘up’ to It is said to have called for more information.Many people actually feel, at any time, these so-called mood swings, PMS is just a (pre menstrual syndrome) experience erratic changes can not be caused by stress or. The doctor diagnosed mood swings… Read Article →