With great diligence

With great diligence, IВ’ve lost

the same 25 to 35 pounds at least five times.  In 1990, IВ’d gained 70 pounds in

just over a year, then just couldnВ’t get it off. At 200 pounds, I struggled into a

size 20.  Try as I might, IВ’d lose 5 or 10 pounds, only to have it come right

back if I relaxed a bit.  I was severely depressed, and I was in bed 18 hours a day.

I began this program on June 4,

1995, using the “Quickstart” pack.  On the very first day, I felt

tremendous energy.   Ever since then, I have been up and running 18 hours a

day.  Three days into the program, my husband said that I was “more

pleasant”.  Six weeks later, I noticed that I was no longer wheezing, my joints

no longer hurt and minor irritations didnВ’t upset me.

In two months, I had lost only 8-12

pounds, but I had dropped about 8 dress sizes!  By mid-October, I was in a tight size

10, even though I still weighed 170 pounds.  At that time, I decided to really relax

my guard, and eat anything and everything I wanted and when I wanted it.  I still

continued to lose weight, gain muscle tone, and lose inches.

I am now a size 7/8, having lost a

total of 70 inches and over 50 pounds.  IВ’ve kept the weight off for over two

years, I feel great, and have a new lease on life!

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