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Pet drugs at great prices is our business. Get the same pet meds that you purchase from your local vet from, but at prices you feel comfortable paying. Yes, you can now save even more on your total pet prescriptions bill with several of the most popular pet medications such as Heartgard, Revolution and Advantage all available without a prescription. Save on the pet drugs you need without the potential costly visit to the vet. All our pet meds are at prices that everyone can afford.

Popular Pet Medications Without a Prescription

Tired of having to take time off to take your pet to the vet just to get a prescription? Well now you don’t have to. Now you can protect your dog or cat from fleas, heartworms and other parasitic invasions all without a prescription. Get your Heartgard, Revolution or Advantage for your pet without a potentially costly visit to your vet saving you even more. At we carry several of the most popular pet drugs available without a prescription. Why pay more for your pet meds when you can get the same medication sold by your vet but at prices you can afford.

Proper Pet Care is Deserved By All Pets.

Here at, we believe that everyone is entitled to give their pet or “Best Friend” the care they deserve. Often proper care of pets can be costly, and because of these high prices many pets are far too often improperly cared for. Simply by purchasing your pet meds from you can ensure that your pets get the care they deserve. The purchase of pet prescriptions shouldn’t compromise your or your pets accustomed lifestyle. maintains the highest standards in patient safety. Licensed pharmacists and technicians review all prescription orders and some pet meds will require a valid prescription.

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