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At Optimal Vitale We take your health seriously! Our physicians, leading professionals in
the field of cardiology and researchers in the field of metabolic nutrition are here to help you achieve your optimal health by providing cutting edge information for complementary nutrition solutions.

OptimalVitaleMD.com provides a source for nutritional education for “’s patients but it does not replace a medical visit with “. We strongly suggest that you meet with ” for a comprehensive consultation and for a complete program designed specifically for you.

We suggest that anybody that is interested in a comprehensive approach have an office visit first for a detailed evaluation of their medical and nutritional history.

The most beneficial approach for improving one’s health and alleviating the process and symptoms of many diseases is one that takes into consideration every aspect of the human physiology that can be improved.

Dr. Bereliani uses a multi-angle approach which combines traditional cardiology with complementary approaches that incorporate improvements in diet and lifestyle choices. When diets are not optimal, ” are also necessary.

The ultimate goal is to help the patients heal and/or prevent disease states with diet, lifestyle modifications and “. Many ” have shown to help us prevent or modify many disease states. Medical therapy is indicated, however, for patients in whom the above interventions are not deemed sufficient to reverse or heal their disease states.

Compliance with these (non-medicine) approaches will allow ” to safely reduce and sometimes eliminate the need for some medications in certain but not all patients.

For Complete List of Ingredients please ” our office.

Pharmaceutical drugs have an important role in reducing symptoms and the damage caused by various diseases but may often have side-effects and they do not really address the cause of why the disease started in the first place and do not completely stop its progression.

The information on this website makes it also easy for patients to re-order the ” recommended by “. Patients can learn here in detail about each supplement benefits and why it is important to use professional supplements and not the others found in the market or the Internet.

OptimalVitaleMD.com also shows  how many ” can be helped with a nutritional approach, and helps patients realize that friends and family with those conditions can also benefit from consulting with “. OptimalVitaleMD.com is not intended to be a self treatment program for the patients but rather a rough guideline for patients to see how their disease state or ” can be helped by the use of these “.

We strongly advise against patients diagnosing and treating themselves without the supervision of “.  All aspects of each patient’s physiology and all potential interactions between nutritional supplements and various medications need to be taken into account before starting on these supplements. After a full consultation with “, a comprehensive program will be specifically designed and tailored for you. 

Keep in mind that it is very likely that even though two patients are diagnosed with the same condition (for example diabetes or high blood pressure) they may need very different treatments in regards to medications, diet or “. This website displays the array of ” that may help each ” but each patients regimen is tailored in the most efficient and safe manner for each individual.

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