Menstruation is a natural process that a woman’s body goes through every month. During this time, vaginal bleeding occurs because the body replaces the uterine lining. The menstruation period can last for a few days and can be either heavy or light. This type of vaginal bleeding is normal and should not be a cause for concern. How to Identify Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding You can tell if vaginal bleeding is normal or not based on the time of the month when the vaginal bleeding occurs and on how much the bleeding is. Vaginal bleeding can… Read Article →

A number of recent studies have shown that a combination of docetaxel chemotherapy and androgen-deprivation therapy can help men enjoy a greater survivability rate when metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer is diagnosed. Concerns, however, have been raised about the quality of life men experience when this life-extending combination treatment is used to battle cancer. Concerns are especially high in regard to the use of the chemotherapy drug, but a new study is indicating the benefits may very well far outweigh the potential pitfalls. Researchers have found that men treated with docetaxel do, of course, experience standard… Read Article →

Carrying in front an excess belly fat to the point of becoming obese is becoming an epidemic specifically in the North America. Despite the fact that one of the initial concerns with becoming obese or obesity is normally all about a person’s self concept, the longer the trouble lingers for a individual, the a lot more medical issues that are going to arise, some of which can be life threatening. Below are only some of the diseases or ailments that can be blamed to staying obese or to obesity: Cancer. The large C. Cancer has… Read Article →

Lung cancer is a cancer that forms in the tissues of the lung cavity. The cancerous cells normally will form in the lining air passages. Health professionals are not always able to determine the why or causes that a person develops cancers and others do not. But, researchers can provide insight that can lead to a very close explanation from studies performed and a general pattern of cancer in the population. Many of the habits and lifestyles that people lead daily contribute to the development of many diseases including lung cancer, virus growth, and other… Read Article →

Acid reflux disease can make a person’s life almost a living nightmare unless they take the time to sit down and idetify the symptoms associated with it. Taking the first steps to control the incidence of reflux in your life is an important first step which many seem reluctant to take. Masking over the symptoms and telling yourself you’ll be a little more careful next time is doing nothing but delaying the inevitable. What Is Acid Reflux Disease? It occurs when stomach acid, which is used for digestion purposes, continually backs up into the esophagus…. Read Article →

Digestive system enriches a number of essential functions in our body. If any pain or discomfort occurs within the digestive area then it greatly affect the overall well-being and quality of life.Problems of gastroenterology can make it hard to function in which if you experience any problematic issue with your digestion then you have to seek the advice of a doctor who are specialized in digestive disorders.Gastroenterology includes a total range of diagnostic upper and lower GI procedures along with ERCP. Best Gastroenterology hospitals in India tend to provide all kind of gastroenterology treatements and… Read Article →

Dental care may be one of the most overlooked areas of employee healthcare, and should be included as part of any health insurance package you offer your workers. With oral health experts recommending that everyone visits the dentist at least twice a year – to ensure their teeth and mouths are in healthy condition and deal with potential problems before they pose a real risk – effective dental insurance can be an excellent recruitment tool for businesses, as well as an effective retention tool for holding onto satisfied employees. With a recent study revealing that… Read Article →

Belly fat is one of the common issues that hunt most middle-aged women. Belly fat for women may be caused by hormonal change, age-related gain weight and heredity. The most common reason why women start to gain weight is during and after their menopause. Read on to know some of the effects of belly fat for women. Abdominal fat or belly fat is one of the conditions that make women feel unattractive which makes them feel unhappy. Belly fat is not healthy for women because it does not only make them unattractive but it can… Read Article →

Breast cancer is one of the preeminent genres of cancer affecting women all over the world. New data derived from the 1999-2006 Incidence and Mortality Web-based Report conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and National Cancer Institute showcase that 191,410 women were diagnosed with breast cancer and from that number 40,820 succumbed to the disease. Be an active participant in exposing breast cancer awareness by supplying pink customized merchandise giveaways to customers. Doing your part in educating the public about breast cancer can also help generate a good feeling about your company…. Read Article →

Ginkgo Biloba is considered the oldest tree in the therapeutic history of the planet. It endures since the time of the dinosaurs. From tertiary era until today has remained almost unchanged, so that we can consider it, rightly, a “true living fossil” with an exceptional capacity for regeneration and survival. A thousand years is the age when such a tree can reach.Specialized research results showed that the therapeutic effects of Ginkgo Biloba plant is due, mainly, its leaves containing flavonoids and bilobalids, chempferol, ginkgolid A, B and C, quercetin, izoramnetine, proanthocyanidins, unflavonoid terpenes, lignans, essential… Read Article →